Thinking of Selling your Home?

1. What should I do to make my Home more saleable?

Declutter, Clean and organize your home to show up the space, make it look neat and to attract Buyer's attention. Fix up any things that needs maintenance to avoid hassles during the home inspeciton process. Do a fresh coat of paint if possible.


2. How can I get more Dollars for my Home?

Every House has a range of market value depending upon the level of maintenance, care and upkeep it has recieved and the upgrades that has been done. Further little changes here and there can lead to overall improvement in the way your home looks, staging can help in a big way if your furniture does not align with the layout or the house is vacant.


3. What happens When in the Home selling Process?

Home Selling is a complex process and involves a series of steps to get it from start to finish, the first step being getting involved with a professional agent to know market value of your home. Proper pricing is another major factor and step in putting your home for sale. Marketing plays a big role in bringing good offers and after an offer is accepted, the buyer normally gets a home inspection done and applies for mortgage. When a transaction is firmed and we wait for the closing to actually transfer the property to the buyers name. Apart from these there could be many small things or issues that crop up during the sale process and which need to be taken care of.


4. Should I Sell myself or Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent?

Selling a home is a big decision and an important one in most peoples lives. While the decision to hire a professional real estate agent rests solely with the homeowner, but a lot is at stake here when we put our home for sale. A professional real estate agent will make sure that this process is smooth and anybody can guess that future lawsuits couldn't better than paying an agent to sell your home with nothing paid upfront and not untill the home is sold.


5. How much commission should I pay for the Sale of my house?

Nowadays Commission forms a major part of the discussion while interviewing an agent to sell your home and why not. You are paying a hefty amount out of your home sale proceeds that you could potentially save. While commissions are always negotiable between the sales agent and the home owner, it should represent enough incentive for the agent to make the effort to sell your home, or for the buyer agent to bring people to your home for showings.


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